Botox, Dysport, & Daxxify

Botox at Vitahl Medical Aesthetics

We've all been there.

Looking in the mirror and noticing that those little lines and wrinkles become more pronounced with each passing year. Whether from years of laughter, deep concentration, or the natural aging process, these fine lines can make us look a tad older than we are. The science of wrinkle reducers provides a gentle and elegant solution to help us reclaim the smoothness and radiance of youth.

Luckily, in this day and age, we have a wide range of neuromodulators to choose from. Botox, the first and most known, Dysport, newer yet effective, and Daxxify, the newest on the market are some of our favorite neurotoxins at VITAHL.

Botox at Vitahl Medical Aesthetics

Why do we need neuromodulators?

Environmental factors, sun exposure, genetics, and repetitive facial expressions lead to the formation of wrinkles over time. Couple that with the loss of volume and critical proteins in the skin like collagen and elastin, and you have a formula for wrinkle development. Each of our favorite neurotoxins, Botox, Dysport and Daxxify, act as a shield against these tell-tale signs, helping to restore the balance between your youthful spirit and your appearance.

How do Botox, Dysport, & Daxxify work?

Imagine our facial muscles constantly contracting and relaxing, causing the skin to fold and crease. Over time, as our skin loses elasticity, these repetitive movements engrain lines that linger. Wrinkle relaxers target this very phenomenon. By temporarily blocking nerve signals, these treatments reduce muscle contractions, allowing the skin to relax and smooth out.

What do neuromodulators treat?

These treatments target concerns of fine lines and wrinkles.  Most neurotoxins are FDA approved for the following areas:

  • Glabellar lines

  • Forehead lines

  • Crow’s feet

Beyond these, with adept hands, wrinkle relaxers can also craft a gentle brow lift or soften the appearance of neck bands.  There are many other popular areas to treat off label with neurotoxins.  Another popular one is Masseter muscles to help prevent clenching and offer pain relief.

What are my wrinkle relaxer options?

While each of these neurotoxins harness the power of botulinum toxin to reduce wrinkles, they have nuanced differences. Your choice may hinge on individual needs, treatment areas, and the advice of your aesthetic professional.

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Trusted and tested, Botox has a slightly denser composition. It remains localized where injected, making it ideal for targeted treatments. It has been the gold standard for years and boasts predictable results.

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With a lighter composition, Dysport disperses more after injection. This spreading quality makes it excellent for broader areas like the forehead. Some users also mention experiencing its effects a bit faster than Botox.

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The newest neurmodulator on the market.  Daxxify is said to have a proprietary formulary with an added peptide.  In studies, 80% of participants noticed results lasting up to 4-6 months.

Who are good neuromodulator candidates?

Healthy adults with noticeable facial lines make prime candidates. It's essential to approach the treatment with realistic expectations. While wrinkle relaxers offer fantastic enhancements, they can't replicate the extensive changes of surgical facelifts. Yet, these relaxers are a boon for those wanting subtle tweaks without the commitment and recovery of surgery.

Botox at Vitahl Medical Aesthetics

How to prepare for neuromodulators

To gear up for your treatment:

  • Skip alcohol, fish oil, and anti-inflammatory drugs a few days before to reduce bruising risks.

  • Share your entire medication list with your injector.

  • Come with a makeup-free face.

  • Adhere to preoperative instructions; they're your roadmap to stellar outcomes.

  • Workout prior to your appointment.  It is recommended not to work out for 4 hours after treatment, longer if you are worried about bruising.

Botox at Vitahl Medical Aesthetics

What to expect during your procedure

Stepping into a clinic for neuromodulators can bring with it a mix of emotions—excitement for the impending transformation, coupled perhaps with a tinge of nervousness, especially for first-timers. Let's walk you through the journey, step-by-step, to help ease any anxieties and set clear expectations.

Walking out of the clinic, you might feel a newfound bounce in your step, with the promise of rejuvenated skin on the horizon. Remember, the results will manifest over the coming days, and can take up to two weeks to take full effect, so patience is vital.

Initial Consultation

Before any treatment begins, your injector will engage in a deep-dive conversation about your desires, concerns, and any pertinent medical history. This consultative approach ensures a tailored treatment plan that addresses your unique needs.

Face Mapping

Not always, but some injectors might demarcate the specific injection sites on your face. This roadmap ensures precision and guides them during the procedure.

Cleansing and Prep

Your face will be meticulously cleaned using a gentle antiseptic solution to minimize any risk of infection.

The Injections

The neurotoxin will be delicately injected into the predetermined sites using a fine needle. Each injection feels like a tiny pinch and lasts but a moment. Depending on the treated areas, the injection process often takes less than 15 minutes.

Post-Procedure Guidance

Once all injections are completed, your injector will give some brief instructions—like avoiding lying down or massaging the area for a few hours and skipping strenuous activities for the day.

What to expect during neuromodulator recovery

Immediate Aftercare: Mild redness, swelling, or pinpoint bruises might emerge but often fade within hours. We recommend not touching the areas treated.

Bruising and swelling can occur and will resolve over time.

Rare side effects like mild headaches or localized pain might appear but typically dissipate swiftly. Other side effects that may occur will be discussed with your injector.

Botox at Vitahl Medical Aesthetics

What results can I expect from neurotoxins?

  • Results are not immediate, it takes time for Botox, Dysport and Daxxify to take effect.

  • 2 weeks: With time to work, the wrinkle relaxers have now helped your deep-set wrinkles soften.  This is when we would like to see you back to make sure no touch ups are required.

  • 2 to 4 months: As the effects wane, lines might peek through. This is your cue for your next treatment.

How much do neuromodulators cost

Navigating the cost landscape of wrinkle relaxers can sometimes feel challenging. However, understanding the variables can bring clarity and confidence to your decision-making.

We recommend an in-person consultation for exact pricing.


Your wrinkles or lines' depth, number, and location will influence the treatment's complexity. More intricate procedures or those covering larger areas might be priced higher.  Keep in mind dosage = duration.  It is better to leave off an area rather than decreasing the overall units.  Decreasing the dosage may save you at the initial appointment, but you will spend more in the long run because treatment will be needed more frequently. Also, more frequent treatments could possibly lead to becoming resistant to treatment.

Amount of Correction

A subtle softening versus a comprehensive overhaul can create differing demands for the product, influencing the cost accordingly.

Safety Over Savings

While everyone loves a good deal, wrinkle relaxers are one arena where bargain hunting can backfire. Budget practices compromise product quality or expertise, leading to unsatisfactory, if not harmful, results. Always prioritize safety and expertise over enticing discounts.

Ready for your neuromodulator treatment?

If a fresher, invigorated appearance resonates with you, reach out to our office by calling (615) 549-5600 or filling out our online contact form to schedule your consultation and treatment. We are looking forward to being your trusted partner throughout this process.

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