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Moxi treatment at Vitahl Medical Aesthetics

Reveal a rejuvenated version of you with the innovative Moxi laser treatment.

Our skin faces numerous challenges daily, from environmental aggressors to internal stressors. Just when you thought you were fighting the good fight alone, Moxi arrives as the perfect remedy, targeting these concerns head-on and restoring the skin's inherent radiance.

Moxi at Vitahl Medical Aesthetics

Why do we need Moxi?

As we mentioned previously, every day, our skin is in perpetual combat against elements that accelerate aging. From relentless sun rays to harsh pollutants and life's inevitable stress, our skin's collagen production takes a hit. Collagen is a vital protein primarily responsible for our skin remaining plump and youthful. Unfortunately, it starts dwindling over time as these factors are coupled with the natural aging process.

As its production decreases, the signs – fine lines, wrinkles, and reduced elasticity – become more apparent, causing many people to seek a remedy. Moxi helps counteract these effects, offering a solution that tackles present concerns and acts preventively for the future.

How does Moxi work?

Moxi goes beyond the surface. This nonablative laser technology creates micro-injuries in the skin without harming the superficial layers like other treatments. This strategic approach triggers the skin's inherent healing processes.

As a result, collagen production gets significantly boosted, and the skin undergoes flooding of healing factors and other vital proteins like elastin. Moxi's design allows it to tailor treatments to any patient, adapting its intensity to various skin needs. This means it is used by people of many ages and skin types, even as a preventive measure.

What does Moxi treat?

As a comprehensive treatment option, Moxi addresses an array of skin concerns. Here is the broad spectrum of conditions it can treat:

  • Uneven Skin Tone: Achieve a consistent, smooth complexion.

  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles: Address early and advanced signs of aging.

  • Sun Damage: Undo the harsh effects of UV rays.

  • Skin Texture Irregularities: Transform rough patches into silky smooth areas.

  • Age and Sun Spots: Diminish and erase the tell-tale signs of aging and sun exposure.

Who are good candidates for Moxi?

Moxi has been crafted to be inclusive, catering to various skin types. Its technology is adept at handling diverse skin tones, from the fairest to some of the darker skin types, ensuring a wide range of patients can bask in its benefits. However, it's still important to note that results can vary, mainly based on individual skin type, conditions and concerns.

It is also essential to go into the procedure with realistic expectations about what Moxi can achieve. While Moxi offers significant skin transformation, it is not an immediate solution. The treatment requires multiple appointments, with each session contributing progressively to the desired outcome. The best patients for Moxi treatment are willing to stick with the treatment regimen and trust the process.

You should also disclose any health conditions or medical history to our office so that we can ensure Moxi is the best option for your needs. Even if Moxi isn’t a fit, we will work with you on a treatment option that will help you achieve the desired appearance.

Moxi at Vitahl Medical Aesthetics

How should I prepare for Moxi?

Your Moxi journey begins even before the actual procedure. The preparation phase is integral to achieving the best results. It sets the groundwork, ensuring your skin is in its optimal state to receive the treatment. Here's what you need to keep in mind:

  • Sun Exposure: Protect your skin with a broad-spectrum SPF and minimize direct sun exposure.

  • Skincare Regimen: It is ok to remain on all skincare products, including Retinols, as long as the skin is not overly irritated from them.

  • Consultation: A comprehensive discussion with your clinician will address any concerns and tailor the treatment to your needs.


What to expect during the Moxi procedure

Every Moxi session is a structured experience, seamlessly moving from one phase to the next. Ensuring you're informed is crucial to elevating the overall experience. Let’s walk through what a typical session entails:


A review of your skin's history and needs.


A gentle cleanse to ensure a clean canvas.


Moxi is adjusted based on your skin's specific needs.


As the device moves over the skin, you might experience a warm sensation akin to a rubber band snap.

Post-Treatment Soothing

The skin is nourished with a hydrating serum and sunscreen.

What to expect from Moxi recovery

Recovery is the phase of excitement as you slowly witness the results of Moxi unfold. While the treatment is noninvasive, the post-treatment period comes with subtle downtime. Here’s a snapshot of what you can anticipate:

First 24 hours: The skin will feel hot immediately after treatment. This usually subsides in a few hours. The skin will look red and pigment may darken.

2-4 days: The skin will feel like sandpaper due to the healing process of the small treated columns. Slight peeling or flaking as the skin rejuvenates will also occur.

1 week: Side effects usually subside, unveiling the preliminary results of the treatment.

Moxi at Vitahl Medical Aesthetics

What kind of results can I expect from Moxi?

Every investment expects returns; with Moxi, the dividends are radiant, youthful skin. Here is a general timeline of how your results may develop over time:

  • Day 1 to 6: During the healing phase, the skin will initially look red and flaky, as this sloughs off, a radiance emerges.

  • 1 to 2 Weeks: As the skin's collagen gets a boost, early signs of rejuvenation are noticeable.

  • 3 to 6 Weeks: Smoother texture, reduced fine lines, and an even skin tone.

  • 1+ month: Moxi is a series of treatments, recommended to be done monthly. As the results compound, the optimal benefits of each treatment session shines through.

  • Maintenance: Maintenance sessions every six months are ideal to sustain and amplify the results.

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